Who doesn't like a clean home?


The Peels Mats™ system is simple to assemble and use! It has a rubber base, a design sticker and PeeliesPeelies are 30 peel-able sheets that are adhesive and anti-microbial. Cool, huh!? As the top Catchies sheet becomes dirty from walking on it and un-sticky you simply “peel away” that sheet to reveal the next clean sheet.

Peels Mats is a hybrid of a regular doormat and a clean room sticky mat. We designed a product that would resemble something that you would like to have in your home or business but provide an essential function of helping keep the area clean.

What is it made of?

Natural Rubber Base
Vinyl Design (can be customized)
Peelies - 30 peel-able sheets


Peels Mats™ Base (patent pending) is made of natural rubber with cut outs on each corner. These allow you to pull off the top Peelies peel-able sheet as it gets dirty. They are made to allow Peels Mats Design to stick down on them until you pull the design off the base.


Peels Mats Designs are specifically made to stick in Peels Mats Base and stick Peelies peel-able sheets on top of them. This Design is adhesive so it can be peeled up and be changed to another design for special gatherings, holidays or just a change of style. The options of designs are unlimited.



Peelies are made of 30 peel-able sheets to catch the dirt and germs off the bottom of your shoes before you walk into your home. As the top sheet becomes less sticky or visibly dirty, you grab the top numbered corner tab, peel it off and recycle it or throw it away. Then you have a clean peel-able sheet to start using.


 More details on how it works:

The top of all Peelies peel-able sheets has an adhesive film that grabs the dirt, germs and debris from the bottom of your shoes as you step on it. Stepping on it 3-4 times with each foot will get the most dirt and germs off of your shoes. As you see the top sheet get dirty or feel the texture becoming un-sticky, you grab the top numbered tab and simply peel it off to reveal a new clean sheet. If you see a lot of grass, rocks, sand or other debris that may fly off when you peel it up,  you can use both corner tabs (that are opposite each other) to ball the debris into the middle of the Peelies to be disposed. As the numbers get into the lower single digits you know you are getting low on Peeliesand need to pick an awesome new design and Peelies reload. You may peel offPeelies as many times as you need to depending on the foot traffic. If the rubber border of your Peels Mat becomes dirty you can use a damp cloth to clean it off.

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