Our Story

Peels Mats™ came from our clean natures, work environments and the love for good design in our home!

We are both pharmacists and have worked in and out of clean (IV) rooms throughout our careers in various hospitals. Clean rooms are some of the most sterile environments and are used for the sterile preparation of IV medications and compounds. Before you enter these rooms you step on sticky mats that adhere to the floor and are designed to pull dust, dirt and contaminants off the bottom of your shoes. This ensures that the environment in the clean room remains that way and these mats are the first barrier of prevention.

We both like things clean and organized and have been that way most of our lives. When we thought of this idea we both agreed that this is a product that we would actually use and that would be very beneficial for others too! Our product, Peels Mats, is a hybrid of a regular doormat and a sticky mat.

We wanted a product that would resemble something that you would like to have in your home but provide an essential function of helping keep your home clean.

We recommend to place your Peels Mat in a doorway that is regularly accessed from the outside. Where you may find it most useful is up to you but we have found tremendous use for ours inside our garage door and our patio door leading to our back yard. We see this mat collecting dirt, grass and other debris that can be found on the bottom of your shoes! We have two young children and it doesn’t take many trips of them coming in and out before you see the results. We found it to be easy and rewarding to peel off the top layer to see all the dirt that we prevented from being tracked in our home! Not to mention the germs you can't see!

ThePeelies™peel-able sheets are also antimicrobial, cool huh?! This product has been years in the making and we will continue to improve it with the help and feedback from our customers that find use in it.

Thanks for your interest in Peels Mats and we hope you love having it in your home!