We make doormats better... CLEAN is just a PEEL away!

We help people keep cleaner homes and businesses!

The Peels Mats™ system is NOT your grandmas door mat!

Peelies™ are 30 peel-able layers that are adhesive and anti-microbial. As the top Peelies™ layer becomes dirty and un-sticky you simply “peel away” that layer to reveal the next clean layer.

The best door mat that doesn't have to be swept, vacuumed, or washed. Your dog can use it and your kids can clean it in seconds.

We wanted to make our house cleaner the easiest way possible!

Plus, we do not want the dirt and germs from our shoes in our washer with our nice clothes! Studies show that about 90% of germs stay in your washer! Gross!

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  • Step 1: Install Design and Peelies™

    Add style and function to your home or business!

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  • Step 2: Use, then Peel to clean

    Easily clean your mat in seconds with 30 peel-able layers! Typically lasts 60-90 days!

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  • Step 3: Order Reloads, subscribe then Install

    Choose your new design or customize your own!

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Recurring Subscription Reloads

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