• Step 1: Install Design and Peelies™

    Add style and function to your home or business!

  • Step 2: Use, then Peel to clean

    Easily clean your mat in seconds with 30 peel-able sheets!

  • Step 3: Order Reloads, subscribe then Install

    Choose your new design or customize your own!

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Who doesn't love a clean home?

The Peels Mats™ system is simple to assemble and use! It has a rubber base, a design sticker and Peelies™.  Peelies™ are 30 peel-able sheets that are adhesive and anti-microbial. Cool, huh!? As the top Peelies™sheet becomes dirty from walking on it and un-sticky you simply “peel away” that sheet to reveal the next clean sheet.

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Artist Collection

by Lissa Anglin

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  • The Vibe

  • The Love Bouquet

    by Lissa Anglin

  • The Amalfi

  • The Patriot

    by Lissa Anglin

  • The Day Break

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