Who doesn't like a clean home?

The Peels Mats™ system is simple to assemble and use! It has a rubber base, a design sticker and Peelies™. 

Peelies™ are 30 peel-able layers that are adhesive and anti-microbial. Cool, huh!?

As the top Peelies™ layer becomes dirty, by you or your pets walking on it, and un-sticky you simply “Peel Away” that sheet to reveal the next clean sheet.

Cleaning does not get easier than this!

Peels Mats is a hybrid of a regular doormat and a clean room sticky mat. We designed a product that would resemble something that you would like to have in your home or business but provide an essential function of helping keep the area clean.

What is it made of?

Natural Rubber Base

Vinyl Design (can be customized)

Peelies™ - 30 peel-able layers

  • Base

    • Peels Mats™ Base (patent pending) is made of natural rubber with cut outs on each corner.
    • These allow you to pull off the top Peelies™ peel-able sheet as it gets dirty.
    • They are made to allow Peels Mats Design to stick down on them until you pull the design off the base.
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  • Design

    • Peels Mats Designs are specifically made to stick in Peels Mats Base and stick Peelies™ peel-able layers on top of them.
    • This Design is adhesive so it can be peeled up and be changed to another design for special gatherings, holidays or just a change of style.
    • The options of designs are unlimited!
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  • Peelies™

    • Peelies™ are made of 30 peel-able sheets to catch the dirt and germs off the bottom of your shoes before you walk into your home.
    • As the top sheet becomes less sticky or visibly dirty, you grab the top numbered corner tab, peel it off and recycle it or throw it away.
    • Then you have a clean peel-able sheet to start using.
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More details on how it works


  • The top of all 30 Peelies™ peel-able layers has an adhesive film that grabs the dirt, germs and debris from the bottom of your shoes as you step on it.
  • Stepping on it 3-4 times with each foot will get the most dirt and germs off of your shoes.
  • As you see the top sheet get dirty or feel the texture becoming un-sticky, you grab the top numbered tab and simply peel it off to reveal a new clean layer.
  • If you see a lot of grass, rocks, sand or other debris that may fly off when you peel thePeelie up,  you can use both corner tabs (that are opposite each other) to ball the debris into the middle of the Peelie to be disposed.

Order a Reload

  • As the numbers get into the lower single digits you know you are getting low on Peelies and need to pick an awesome new design and Peelies refill.
  • You may peel off Peelies as frequently as you need to depending on the foot traffic.
  • Most house holds peel a layer every 2-3 days. Meaning 1 reload will last you 2-3 months.
  • We have heard it all: we live in a really dirty area in the country, with our dog(s) we would need to peel it every day, my dog wouldn't like that, etc. Yet, they come back getting more every couple of months!

Peels Mats Base

  • If the rubber border of your Peels Mat becomes dirty you can use a damp cloth to clean it off.
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How to Install

Watch the video or follow the instructions below.

  • Install Design

    It may be helpful to have two people and a credit card

    1. Make sure rubber base is clean and dry. You may use a damp cloth to clean.

    2. Line up the design in the base, then peel backing off design.

    3. Start on one side; slowly press out air bubbles using your hand or a credit card as you apply the design to the rubber base.

    4. If you don’t like how it is aligned then you can peel it up and try again.

  • Install Peelies™ peel-able sheets

    1. Lay Peelies™ flat on design to see how to align Peelies™ in base. The number “30” should be facing upward. Be careful to apply the Peelies™ correctly the first time! It should NOT be peeled up once applied.

    2. Peel clear plastic cover from bottom, the pink label will remain attached to the bottom of the Peelies™. Be careful not to pull the numbered “1” sheet off.

    3. Start on the long side; slowly press out air bubbles.

    4. Peel clear plastic cover off the top sheet numbered “30” on the Peelies™.

    5. Get to Peelin’!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the Peelies™ last / How often do you have to peel a sheet up?

How often the Peelies™ peel-able sheets should be removed will be different for everyone! There is not a limit to peeling! Some may find they only need to peel a new sheet every few days while others may need to peel more than once a day. Some things that will affect how often you peel: amount of foot/paw traffic across the mats (our kiddos go in and out all day long!), dirt level in adjacent areas (how clean is your garage and back porch?), how clean the person using them likes to keep their area. In a normal home the 30 peel-able sheets should last around 1 month. We hope you’ll quickly see how much the Peelies™ catch and then you’ll get a feel of how often you need to peel!

Can animals use Peels Mats™?

Yes, animals can use these just like humans. However, some animals may be skittish or wary of using them at first. We found it's great to catch loose dirt and grass off of paws!

How do I choose a design?

In general, the darker the design background, the less dirt will show but the more bubbles may show. The lighter the design background the more dirt will show, making it easier to see when to peel up a layer and it will also show less bubbles. Solid designs will also show more bubbles where busier designs will show less bubbles.

Is Peels Mats non-slip?

Peels Mats base has a raised design on the bottom that assists in making the mat slip resistant and prevents it from sliding. When there is weight on the mat it is difficult to move or slip. Without weight on it, you should be able to slide the mat on the floor to adjust the mat and center it in your doorway. The mat should not be laid on a damp surface as it can easily slip when wet.

Will my feet be sticky after walking across the mat?

No, the adhesive does not come off of the mat and stick to your feet, shoes or paws!

Why does my design and Peelies™ have bubbles in it?

Some bubbles in the designs and Peelies™ are going to always be there as it is impossible for us and the user to remove all of the bubbles. These will not affect the functionality of the mat. If you prefer less air bubbles to show, choose lighter backgrounds and busier prints!

I peeled off the number “1” sheet when assembling (installing), now what do I do?

Unfortunately, that is the only sheet that has adhesive on the back that allows in to adhere to the design sheet. You will need to get a new Peelies™ peel-able sheet and continue the assembly process.

Can Peelies™ get wet?

A little water on your shoes or a spill will not hurt the mat. The top sheet will become less sticky and it would be a good idea to ball up the Peelies™ to clean up the spill. Soak up any water remaining in the interior base of the mat, then continue using the mat like normal. The mats should not be exposed to standing water in the interior of the base around the design and Peelies™.

How should the extra Peelies™ and designs be stored?

Both the Peelies™ peel-able sheets and designs should be stored in a dry area that has a temperature of 54-95 °F (12-35 °C). We recommend storing the Peelies™ and designs flat to avoid getting wrinkles, creases, bending of the edges or extra bubbles.

Where should I use my Peels Mats™?

Where you may find it most useful is up to you, but we have found tremendous use for ours inside our garage door leading into our house and our patio door leading to our back yard. Your Peels Mat should not be placed on a damp/wet floor, this can lead to the mat slipping. The area needs to be clean and dry before placing your mat down.

Can I move my Peels Mats when it is all put together?

Yes, we specifically made our base to be moved to different doorways or even different locations without wasting any of the Peelies™ 30 peel-able sheets.

How do I know if a Peels Mat will fit under my door?

Peels Mats base is just under a half inch thick. If your door has at least a half inch clearance under it then the door should go right over the Peels Mat. This means it will work with most doors, but you should measure yours to be sure.

Why am I not getting emails about my order?

We have seen our emails go into some customers spam or junk folders. Please check those folders and mark our emails as "not spam/junk" to receive future emails without any issues.

Do I have to change the design each time?

Currently, it is easiest to change the design and the Peelies™ altogether. The Peelies™ can be peeled up from the design, while leaving the design stuck to the base but it requires some persistence to remove the last layer of Peelies™. Thus, you can leave your current design and only replace the Peelies™ if you are willing to put in some work to remove the last sheet of Peelies™. We are constantly working on improving our product and hope to have this availability soon!

Are they recyclable?

The base is made of natural rubber and is recyclable. The design is made of vinyl and the Peelies™ are made of a type of plastic, both of which are recyclable. However, not all facilities allow adhesives on the materials that they recycle so you would need to check with your local facility.

How do I clean the Peels Mats rubber base?

You can use a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt or debris on the edges of your mat.

Do I have to design the custom print?

No, we can help! If you are interested in a custom print and would like our graphic designer to help you, just submit an inquiry on the custom orders tab and we can design something awesome.

Can I use this if I have a robot vacuum (Roomba, iRobot, etc.)?

Yes, when we have tested this in homes the autonomous vacuum easily goes over the rubber base and did not stick to the adhesive on the Peelies™.

Can I purchase them anywhere else?

Yes, please use our store locator on the bottom of the home page to see if there is a store close to you! Are you a retailer and interested in carrying our products? Please fill out the application at  https://www.peelsmats.com/pages/retailers.

Can I use Peels Mats if I have a latex allergy?

The rubber base of the mat is made of natural rubber that comes from latex from the rubber tree. You should treat this product as you would any other potential latex allergy product to avoid having a reaction. Warnings page