• Read and follow all instructions on handling and use of the product.

Caution: Because of its adhesive properties, this product could be a tripping hazard leading to falls. Caution must be used for all humans and animals.

Potential Latex allergy: The Base of this product is made of natural rubber, which comes in the form of Latex from rubber trees.

• These products are not for consumption by people or animals.

• Make sure that the product’s base mat is secured in place and does not slide around before you begin using the product. Check the base mat regularly to make sure the product remains securely in place. Do not place on a wet surface.

• Inspect the product carefully prior to each replacement of mat layers, to make sure that no component is torn, damaged or worn.

• Do NOT touch the adhesive surface of the sheets and only use the tabs for removal of sheets. The adhesive may irritate or damage skin and/or cause allergic responses in some individuals. If you experience any irritation or discomfort while using the product, stop immediately and seek professional medical assistance.

This document is prepared for our customers as a service, and is to the best of our knowledge true and accurate. However, it is understood and agreed by the users of this document that we will accept no liability for the conclusions reached. Users of this document may therefore wish to perform additional testing before determining that products mentioned are suitable.