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Watch the Video here or follow the instructions below.

Install Design - It may be helpful to have 2 people and a credit card.

  • Make sure rubber base is clean and dry. You may use a damp cloth to clean.
  • Line up the design in the base, then peel backing off design.
  • Start on one side; slowly press out air bubbles using your hand or a credit card as you apply the design to the rubber base.
  • If you don’t like how it is aligned then you can peel it up and try again.

Install Catchies™

  • Lay Catchies flat on design to see how to align Catchies in base. The number “30” should be facing upward. Be careful to apply the Catchie correctly the first time! It should NOT be peeled up once applied.
  • Peel clear plastic cover from bottom, the pink label will remain attached to the bottom of the Catchie. Be careful not to pull the numbered “1” sheet off.
  • Start on the long side; slowly press out air bubbles.
  • Peel clear plastic cover off the top sheet numbered “30” on the Catchies.
  • Get to Peelin’!

Cleaner life, one peel at a time!