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Peels Mats™ System (Pat. Pending) Includes: 

1 Peels Mats Base - Black

1 Design (Submit your design on our Custom Orders Page)

1 Peelies™ (30 peel-able sheets each)


Peels Mats™ Base (patent pending) is made of natural rubber and was designed to be heavy enough to keep the mat base on the floor as foot/paw traffic walks over it. The raised design on the bottom of the mat helps to make the mat non-slip. The interior base has cut out notches in each corner that makes it easier to grab the numbered tabs and pull off the top Peelies™ peel-able sheets.

Peels Mats designs let you customize your mat to fit the style of your home or business. They are specifically made to stick in Peels Mats Base and are designed to have Peelies™ adhere to the top of them. The design is made of vinyl and is adhesive which allows them to be peeled up and changed. Unlike, regular door mats that would not be cost effective to customize and change frequently. This means that you are able to change them with the seasons, holidays, and special occasions or design changes in your home. Submit your customize your design with your business logo or a special photo!

Peeliespeel-able sheets have a tacky surface that is designed to catch dirt, grass, debris and germs. They are clear refillable sheets that will be placed in the base, on top of the design you choose. Walking into your home they will catch dirt and germs and become less sticky, then you simply peel away the top sheet to reveal a clean sheet.

  • No washing with your nice cloths
  • No sweeping
  • No knocking the dirt off out back
  • No vacuuming

The sheets are numbered with 30 on the top and 1 as the last layer, this helps you to know when you need a reload and are running low. They have a clear cover layer that needs to be peeled off the bottom to stick to the design. Once stuck on the design, there is another clear layer that needs to be removed from the top prior to using the first peel-able sheet. The numbers should be pointing up for the Peelies to work.


Peels Mats Base: 36"x 24"x 0.4"

Design and Peelies: 29.5" x 18"


Base: 9.2 pounds

Peelies : 0.9 pounds each


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i absolutely love my custom artwork Peels mat. It arrived quickly and is just what I wanted!!