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The Valentine

The Valentine

Hearts are a huge symbol for Valentines Day so show your love for it with this cute doormat design.

When everyone notices it tell, them you said goodbye to cleaning doormats that don't work!

  • No washing where you wash your nice cloths
  • No sweeping
  • No knocking the dirt off out back
  • No vacuuming


Peels Mats™ designs let you customize your mat to fit the style of your home or business. They are specifically made to stick in Peels Mats Base and are designed to have Peelies™ adhere to the top of them. The design is made of vinyl and is adhesive which allows them to be peeled up and changed. This means that you are able to change them with the seasons, holidays, and special occasions or design changes in your home. The options of designs are unlimited and you can even customize your design with your business logo or a special photo!

Requires Base


29.5" x 18"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
So cute!

The Valentine mat is so cute! Just the right amount of hearts, red and pink 💕❤️

Mickie Page-Woods
Awesome product!!!

We live in the country with lots of sand. It catches so much of it. I’m not sweeping everyday anymore!!! 😊😊😊